Favourite Things

Lunch at Home vietnamese fresh spring rolls
Lunch with the Family seafood steamboat
Dinner to Cook for Others osso bucco with gremolata and soft polenta
Every-other-day Meal south-east asian soups
Comfort Food my Dad’s bouillabaise
my Mum’s Avgolemono
Kitchen Implement heavy based saucepan
potato ricer
lemon zester
Fast Food Yen’s vietnamese in Waterloo – decent pho but crackingly good hot & sour prawn soup (aka cahn chua tom)
Restaurant(s) 3 Clicks West (R.I.P.), Annandale
Buzo, Paddington
Dining Experience Degustation at MG Garage circa 2003. Their pigs trotter sausage rocked my world and the service was intimate and fabulous
At La Souffle in Paris (near the Louvre and the Tuileries) the whole restaurant stopped to ooh and aah my meal as it arrived. The lobster souffle had been baked in the half-shell of the sizeable lobster. It was spectacular and delicious. My Cointreau dessert souffle was presented with an entire bottle of Cointreau for me to drizzle as per my own greedy boozy taste. Heaven.
Food Memory sitting in bed all day with my then newly minted husband in a rented villa in the Loire Valley in France eating croissants with hand-made butter
Breakfast at Home Half an avocado with loads of pepper and a drizzle of evoo, fresh thickly sliced tomato, plenty of freshly cracked pepper and a poached egg
Breakfast Joint Sopra Paradiso in Potts PointBread & Circus in Alexandria

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