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10687037_10152273456782234_2490309620050269687_nI’m Kristen Hodges, a writer, a film & TV producer and a lover of food. I have a very kind husband called Matt, and a cabbage patch doll-like toddler called Ryker.

When everyone else’s mum was giving them vegemite and cheese on fluffy white bread, I was getting cheese, alfalfa and sultanas on brown.  Not my mother’s finest hour I will admit, but she wanted to be different.

On Sundays we’d go to Cabramatta for lunch. This was in the early 80’s so we’d be the only caucasian’s in the place but my Dad would find a way to chat to the owner and mum would ho into the chilli. We weren’t like other families.

Till I was about 10 my parents were vegetarians, it was all brown rice and brown bread in our house.  Hence the over-reliance on alfalfa.  Which, to this day, I maintain a long-lasting hatred for. No, I do not want pubes in my mouth, thank you.

When other kids came home from school, they’d have fruit rollupsIMG_1072 for a snack. My mum would grill us some rose petals she’d picked from the garden and sprinkled with a little raw sugar.

I won’t deny that I begged and begged to be normal so from the age of 19, when I moved out of home, till about 25 I ate shit. Chips, ice-cream, packaged food and McDonalds. All the stuff I’d been denied. tomatoes-with-salt-pepperThankfully, I soon grew up and learned the beauty of a fresh, sun-ripened tomato with nothing but a light sprinkle of salt.

My strong sense of adventure has pushed me to try amazing, mind-blowing things but it’s also got me into a couple of sticky situations. It was a cold, wintery evening, my husband was away and I probably had PMT. But it was my sister’s birthday and she wanted to go to Cabramatta, which for me, was a long way from home on a school night. I grumbled but whaddya gonna do? I was envisioning comfort food so I headed straight for the congee menu. It was mostly in vietnamese but I ordered something that sounded ok and waited happily. I love congee. Creamy, flavoursome and moorish. Mmm. What I got was a full body pork congee. Note I said, “full body” not song-vu-C03-chao-huyet-pork-blood-jelly-congee“full-bodied”. It had cubes of congealed blood, liver, kidney, tripe and numerous other offally bits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with offal. I’m into it. But not in the headspace I was in, it wasn’t exactly the delicate comfort food vibe I was after. Next time, sense-of-adventure, can you ask the waiter what’s in it, please?

That same sense of adventure also pushed me to have the pan fried veal sweetbreads w snail, swiss brown mushroom + vin santo at Paddo’s Buzo. This conversely, was offal heaven. I could have died in that moment and not regretted my lost future.

My favourite food is peasant food, from all cultures. Vietnamese, Italian, french, morrocan… I dunno, the list could continue. I love food without pretension. I love turning something cheap into something delicious.  I don’t cook often enough because I do live an absurdly busy lifestyle but I do enjoy the outcome of cooking, serving it and eating it.

This site doesn’t claim to do much other than store a heap of recipes. Since getting a Thermomix most of my recipes have become Thermomix-oriented but I try to cover both cooktop and Thermomix in recipes where I can. I do love my Thermomix but I do my best not to amway the fuck it to other human beings ‘cos… yawn.

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