Naughty Naughty ‘nana Smoothie

321424_10151199677282234_1513022942_nWhile on hols recently I visited the Ocean Shores farmers market. First, if you are in the Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads region this farmers market is cracker. I went mental. Scotch bonnet chilies, bananas, peppercorns, dragonfruit, vietnamese mint, basil, rocket, baby cos, crocodile sausages, white eggplant, oxheart tomatoes… the list goes on… and on… in fact, it gets embarrassing. How on earth are two people to eat that much food in a week? Well because it’s so bloody fresh, it lasted for freaking ages! We were there for almost 2 weeks in the end due to, you know, cyclones and flooding, and we still brought some home with us and it kicked on like a mofo!

While at the market, breakfast grumbles hit so I stopped at the smoothie guys table. What a win that turned out to be. This smoothie is so yummy… somehow magically – with kale in it – it even got my husband drooling. We have since been gorging ourselves on them daily. Breakfast is a given but somedays it becomes dessert too.

I called this Naughty Naughty cos that makes it sound sexy… in fact, it’s healthy as balls! Well… it’s got some coconut milk in it but hey, I use the light version so that’s mildly ok right?

1 banana
1 kiwifruit
Half a handful of mint leaves
A handful of kale leaves (or cavallo nero or baby spinach)
A good lug of light coconut milk to taste
Top up with low fat soy milk…skim milk, almond milk, full cream milk… whatever takes your fancy.

2 glasses


  1. I am always looking for shortcuts so I buy a big bunch of bananas, peel them, snap them in halves or thirds and drop them into a freezer bag and stash in the freezer. Then each day I just pull out what I need… If you don’t do this, I suggest a few blocks of ice might be pleasing to the senses.
  2. Throw in all ingredients. Blitz the shit out of it.
  3. Glug. And revel in your moral superiority because you should.

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