A Very Manly Bon Voyage Dinner

My future brother in law, aka my husbands best mate, is heading overseas for a few weeks so what more excuse to I need to cook up a feast. The theme came about because I had the simple thought – salted caramel is soooo de rigeur just now… but why not take things a bit further… how about beer caramel? It could work! Yes beer. If I can make a beer dessert then I can make a beer meal! This one is all about the boys. Not that I don’t enjoy an ale or two myself but I’m not emotionally wedded to it in quite the same way the boys seem to be. So dinner this evening will be in honour of our favourite boys. And their love of fine beers. Bless them for they are astonishingly pernickety about the whole affair!


On the menu we have:

sausage en bier brioche with dijon mustard – served with amber ale


beef & stout single crust pies
caramelised dutch carrots baby leeks braised in butter & thyme (out of season)
champ mash
peas & asparagus with mint


poached pears in amber ale caramel sauce with chocolate & blood orange gelati

I made pie filling yesterday. A small sample became last nights dinner with a little mash and roasted tomatoes. Delicious. Actually my favourite part was the thyme mushrooms. So fragrant and earthy. Also did a test run of the caramel yesterday using chocolate stout. Too bitter. Amber ale up next!

Please as punch to report the brioche was perfection in every way. A couldn’t have been devoured any quicker. Ditto the pies. And the dessert.

After a night of such gluttony, be assured that a very worthy breakfast was had.


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