Mango & Coconut Tart

This recipe is from Therese. She made it for xmas day and it was delicious!

This is very similar to mum’s Bavarian cream recipe which was always yummy! (1/3 each of banana, cream and lemon jelly blended, and served in nice dishes/glasses set in fridge) You can use any variety of flavours…
All amounts are pure guesswork and I take no responsibility for failures!

2 pkts dry biscuits, chocolate if desired , (or add 1 tablespoon cocoa to mix)
enough butter or juice to moisten

Aprox 1/3 each of fruit, cream, jelly……
3 mangoes
½ litre of mango yoghurt if avail, or cream
1-2 boxes mango jelly if avail, or 3-4 sachets gelatine

Mix jelly/gelatine with a small amount of boiling water till dissolved, ( I use 1 cup water or less per sachet) then cool on bench
Crush biscuits and mix in melted butter or juice, and push into sides of butterd or lined 8’cake tin, then cool in fridge/freezer
Process mango pulp, cooled jelly and yogurt/cream till smooth
Pour into biscuit base in cake tin and cool in fridge till serving
(if serving at a function, add more jelly and /or keep it cool because jelly gets looser as it warms up)


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