Uriah’s Cauliflower & Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

“ok so I’m going to start off saying that this was originally going to be a cauliflower & Jerusalem artichoke soup but there wasn’t any Jerusalem artichokes at the store so I replace it the ‘chokes with porcini mushrooms. Either is fantastic but I’d try and go for the ‘chokes while they’re in season. At the end I’ve put my way of preparing them – which is also the simplest.  This is so dead easy & ends up looking and tasting amazing.”
– break a head of cauliflower into handful sized florrets, toss in some olive oil, sprinky with a good nudge of cumin (not so much that it’s overpowering, maybe a teaspoon or two – it just needs to be subtle) & roast at about 160-180 till the edges start to brown nicely. Remove from the oven.
-Get a large saucepan & start off by making a mirepoix blanc (finely diced onion, celery & fennel). Sweat this down in some olive oil.
-next add the florrets – you may want to break them down further at this stage which will make cooking quicker.
– add the prepared ‘chockes (about 4) to the pot & stir around (if you can’t get the chockes use a small handful of porcini mushroom soaked in hot water for 10mins – include the liquid & stir until this is mostly absorbed by the cauliflower)
– Add some good sea salt, keep stiring till everything caramalises a touch then add about a litre of stock (chicken or vegetable or a combination of the two – it doesn’t want to taste too much like the stock). Up the rest of the liquid with hot water & cook till the florrets are falling apart.
– Once you’re near ready to eat you may want to add some milk, cream or some creme fraiche to thicken it. Up to you. It will thicken a lot after blending anyway.
– blend in batches, taste for seasoning & serve
These aren’t actually artichokes. They look more like ginger than anything else. They’re notoriously hard to peel but I usually just toss them in some olive oil & roast till soft. Once they’re cooled down enough, cut them open & scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon. Great served on toast with some salt & lemon as well.


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