Uriah/Bill/Patricia’s Fig Tart

Below is the recipe exactly as I got it from Uriah…  it’s absolutely fan-freaking-tastic.  It doesn’t need anything else.  It’s moist, sweet and delicious as is.  Easy to make for a tart – not fiddly at all.  and I found it held up to a little over-cooking (read ‘burning’) very well!


okay here’s my recipe (when I say my recipe I really mean Bill Granger who really means his friend Patricia Wells but who’s counting)




125g     UNSALTED BUTTER MELTED & COOLED (I prefer European unsalted cultured butter)

90g       CASTER SUGAR

175g     PLAIN FLOUR


2 TABLESPOONS OF ALMOND MEAL (this ends up soaking up any of the juice from the fruit so it doesn’t effect the pastry)





170 ml (2/3 CUP) CREAM

2 EGGS BEATEN (fresher the best obviously)

2 TEASPOONS VANILLA EXTRACT (would be better with real vanilla though)



FIGS (I use about 6 figs quatered but you could use more or less. Pears are also an excellent option as would be blueberries or cherries)



-preheat oven to 180 & grease a 24cm loose-bottomed (oh vicar!) tart tin.

-to make pastry, stir together butter & sugar. Add the flour & salt & stir to make a soft dough. Press into the tart tin & blind bake on a tray for 12-15 mins or until just brown and slightly puffy.

-Remove and sprinkler the almond meal over.


-Meanwhile make the filling by whisking together the cream, eggs, vanilla & sugar. Add the flour & whisk well.

-arrange the figs and pour the cream filling over.


-return tart to the oven for another 40-50 minutes then leave to cool. Voila.


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